AAC Block Jointing Mortar Price in India
Best Jointing Adhesive for AAC Blocks

Magna AAC Joint Mortar

Magna produces factory-mixed AAC Joint Mortar as a part of its conviction to produce innovative and high quality construction industry materials. Magna Joint Mortar is a semi-mix supreme quality mortar used for joining and bonding of AAC blocks.

The presence of highly formulated polymers in the mortar stops water getting vaporized and provides good bonding strength between the blocks, which suits for both load bearing and framed structure constructions.

  • Ready to use
  • Higher strength
  • No wastage
  • High coverage
  • Cost effective
Coverage 65-70 sq.ft (Considering joint thickness of 2-3 mm)
Compressive Strength in 7 Days > 5 N/mm sq
Curing Not required
Water required 25 - 30%
Appearance Free flowing and grey in colour

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