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AAC Block Adhesives: It’s Advantages and Procedures of Application

Calender May 5, 2022

For the smooth and solid installation of the autoclaved aerated bricks, a jointing agent called the AAC Block Adhesives has been designed particularly. Cement bonding agents, synthetic resins, minerals and extraordinary additive agents are utilized to fabricate it. And, it is especially designed to hold the AAC Blocks, Fly- Ash Bricks, Concrete Blocks etc, that furnishes a faster construction activity.

Let’s have a look at the advantages of AAC Block Adhesives-

1. Faster construction

The ready-mix feature of the jointing substance of AAC Blocks lessens the procedures required in the construction activity. Unlike in the red bricks where you need to mix up the cement sand mortar in the right proportion, in this case you just need to add water. And, that without a doubt saves time and manual labour.

2. It reduces the layer of joints resulting in a thin layer

In comparison to the cement mortar, AAC Blocks Adhesives require only 3-4 mm of adhesives, whereas in regular brick you need 8-12 mm thick mortar joints. As a result, it minimizes 70% on the usage of the jointing material..

3. No wastage

Since, AAC adhesives are ready to use material, they result in zero wastage and furnishes a smooth and clean work activity. While in regular brick construction, it accounts for up to 30% of waste products.

4. Requires no Curing Process

The process of curing is to allow the concrete to reach its required properties for its deliberate use. And contrary to the regular bricks, where gallons of water goes in preparing the cement mortar, AAC Block Adhesives saves the respective amount of water. As, the water added in the time of manufacturing is sufficient enough to reach its necessary strength for further proceedings.

5. Heat defiant

When you opt for the aerated concrete in your establishment process, it simultaneously incorporates the AAC jointing adhesives, which further altogether adds to the thermal insulation property.

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