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Why AAC Blocks are used in a Smart Building Construction

Calender December 19, 2022

Infrastructure disruption, population growth, and the economy are interdependent. Natural resources are at the beginning of saturation as well as exploitation. Engineers have changed their construction methods from conventional to smart buildings.

The ultimate aim of smart buildings is to optimize the energy consumed daily. Can you guess which building material shares the highest contribution? It is AAC Blocks.

Concrete blocks are now becoming so popular that you never had an idea a few decades back.

The importance of energy conservation has been recognized. The limitation of materials used in the building erection does not yield fruitful results. Also, climate change has pushed “air-conditioning a basic commodity”.

If the transmission of heat waves gets restricted at the first level, the need for additional resources gets reduced. So what’s the next available choice?

The minds of architects, structural engineers and construction material manufacturers dived into critical thinking to find better alternatives.

The properties of concrete provided the advantage of making the structural elements in any desired shape with the required strength.

AAC Blocks are the best replacement for red bricks.

Thermal insulation and energy efficiency

Concrete blocks are proven to have the best thermal insulation properties compared to any other building materials. At the same time, these blocks retain the tensile and compressive strength of the building.

Technically, most section of the building structure is made of dead loads i.e wall structures. Also, walls have direct and immediate contact with environmental weather conditions.

Building a wall structure with AAC Blocks has yielded good returns on the aspects of thermal insulation. Hence, the need for AC ventilation is reduced.

Hence concrete blocks help in saving electricity consumption and so does the bill. Also, it directly influences the resources used in the production of electricity and limits the emission of carbon footprints.

Thermal insulation is not the only characteristic that defines AAC Blocks as a Smart Building Material. Smart is termed as any activity that optimizes and results in better outcomes.

It can be a methodology, technique or the resources incorporated into the making of an efficient final product. Here are some of the other main reasons to name concrete blocks as the smart building solution.


Concrete blocks have a greater advantage in exhibiting the lightweight properties retained with the determining compressive strength.

The longevity of a building structure greatly depends on the strength of the building materials used in the construction.

It is proven that AAC Blocks are 50% lighter compared to red clay bricks. Due to its lightweight properties, it saves overheads, and transportation costs.

On the bigger picture, it greatly optimizes the direct and indirect resources associated with the construction. Hence, AAC Bricks are a Smart Building Material.

Faster Construction

The completion of a project within the estimated time adds a great value.

For example, the wall portion 13-foot height constructed by 5 masons for a period of 10 days, constructed with clay bricks.

With the usage of concrete blocks, the same estimated wall construction can be finished within 7 days, utilizing the same human resources.

As the result, the building can be handed over before the projected deadline. AAC Blocks deliver smart construction solution that helps the engineer to allocate resources efficiently in other projects.

Weather Resistance

Concrete bricks are known for their weather resistance. Irrespective of seasonal changes, AAC blocks withstand environmental changes without affecting the structural functions of the building.

Storing clay bricks during the rainy season needs extra care as well as dedicated temporary shelter which incurs additional costs. In the case of autoclaved aerated concrete blocks, there is no extra care needed.

It is due to the water absorption characteristics of concrete bricks being comparatively efficient compared to clay bricks.

It is due to the water absorption characteristics of concrete bricks being comparatively efficient compared to clay bricks.

Hence, the chances of fungus formations, and deterioration of bricks are greatly restricted. AAC Blocks are the smart building material.


AAC Blocks is the right choice to construct a smart building. It greatly complies with the technical requirements as
well as helps in achieving the ultimate goal of a smart building i.e energy efficiency. If you are interested in seeking
more technical information and the advantages of AAC Blocks.

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