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Why - AAC Blocks Outperforms Red Bricks

Calender May 31, 2022

Constructional Transformation has paved the way for the eruption of the large volume of buildings and their materials. The need for concrete roofs has increased significantly and the growth of the trendline to a greater extent. AAC Blocks are now the new conventional construction material.

Is every brand delivering its promises of durability and other benefits? You are the only person who would have experienced it in a realtime, so you would have known the answer by now.

But we can assure you that MAGNA AAC BLOCKS will deliver great performance in terms of physical properties compared to other brands and red bricks.

Is Conventional Method Block Your Way To Use MAGNA AAC Blocks?

We think that your answer goes with YES. It is fine and the methods followed in the preference of building materials are up to the individual. Change is hard and trying to change the methods is even harder.

Going with the conventional way leads to the scarcity and saturation of natural resources one way or another. Some say it is due to the lack of information that is shared with the community about the AAC Blocks.

In some cases, engineers would have tried to educate their clients, yet they would have ignored their proposal. This is quite common in the market. People are ready to burn their cash and capital for constructing the building.

End of the day, red bricks are the dead load of the building.

Have You Ever Heard of AAC Blocks?


Let us put this question in this way “have you ever sighted a building built with some concrete or grey bricks of large dimension?”.

Yes, you would have definitely paused your trespassing, observed the odd and resumed your work. Those building materials are AAC Blocks.

We hope you would have visualized how it will be.

Is Preferring Magna Block Worth The Shot?

Our answer is Yes. The preference for Magna AAC Block is growing at a faster rate. Our products are creating a special spot in the market for the building material segment.

This is due to the benefits and advantages that they deliver to our customers.

Concrete blocks are the best replacement for red bricks. Would like to know the real reasons behind the preferences? Let’s jump to the context.

Compressive Strength

The strength of the blocks or bricks plays an important role in the construction. They are majorly used in the walls and to construct the partitions in the open spaces. The compressive strength of the aac block ranges from 3 to 4.5 N/mm 2 .

The average strength of the block equals the red brick. The fact is “the dimension of the red brick is smaller than the concrete aac blocks”.

Hence, a single unit of aac is proportional to the 5 units of clay bricks. (1:5). Reducing the number of bricks results in saving more costs and the need for bricks.


The weight of brick adds extra dead load subjecting the columns, beams and other structural details to transfer the loads. Adding to the dead load, it burns your investment.

How? The cost involved in the shipment of the bricks from the warehouse to your destined site location.

The fuel cost, vehicle charge and load-bearing capacity influence the investment. It indirectly adds more capital cost and it withdraws from your pocket within a short while.

Meanwhile, the Magna AAC Blocks are lightweight thus they can accommodate more quantities of blocks on a single trip. Also, the chance of damage during transportation is very minimal.

As a result, you save more capital costs.


The price of the red clay bricks is steeping at a greater height. This is due to the exploitation and reduction of natural resources. Demand is higher than the supply. Hence, the prices are much more premium.

Is price really stopping the people from buying red bricks? Yes and No. Currently, people are now quite aware of the possible alternatives.

One of the major reasons is “Magna AAC Blocks are Economical”.

These concrete blocks are competitively priced and it serves the same function and purpose in the building construction.

As the capital cost involved in the manufacturing of the block is less so does the final price of the product.

The Bottom Line

We strongly suggest you prefer AAC Blocks. We hope this article would have educated and helped you to prefer the building materials. Break the myth, analyze the real facts, and be specific about your needs and requirements. Our team is available to answer your questions and provide you with the best suggestions. Let us be the reason behind the change and create a green environment. To know more, visit our website www.magnagreen.in

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