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Why builders in India prefer AAC blocks over red bricks?

Calender May 4, 2022

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete or AAC blocks are lightweight, precast, foam concrete building materials used for making blocks. It is a substitute for the traditional red bricks. Builders keep themselves aware of the latest trends and technologies, especially the sole construction materials like AAC blocks. New homemakers searching for constructionmaterials must equip themselves to ask the right questions to the builders. A good understanding of construction materials and awareness about the ‘grade and quality of AAC blocks must come in handy. Builders must be aware and vigilant while making the final decision of constructing an establishment. With this background, let’s reveal the reasons why builders in India prefer AAC Blocks for construction purposes.


AAC blocks are lightweight and result in higher stability in the establishment. Constructions with AAC blocks remain stable for decades. AAC blocks are 2.5 times lighter compared to conventional bricks while providing similar strengths. It makes the construction process about 20% faster because AAC blocks help in reducing the number of joints in the wall that facilitates speed.

AAC blocks use fewer materials, which are crucial for good quality concrete. Using these blocks in structural buildings, the builder saves around 25% to 35% of structural steel, concrete and increase cost savings.

AAC blocks contain a porous structure that provides good sound insulation. It has a sound transmission class of 40dB and above which ensures not adding any soundproofing material while constructing a building. It gives you one more reason to choose AAC blocks.

AAC blocks eliminate the problem of efflorescence in walls. Efflorescence is popular as ‘Shora’ that is so much prevalent in the brick wall. Efflorescence is a crystalline or powdery deposit of salts often visible on the surface of concrete and blocks. Thus, AAC blocks maintain the look and shine of the walls.

AAC blocks are highly used in Northeast India as the entire region falls under Zone V and are seismically active. Accordingly, awareness of earthquake-resistant establishments has increased. Innovative technologies have brought about this remarkable development in the concept of building homes.

AAC blocks optimize a long-lasting customer experience in many ways. AAC block manufacturers offer a high-grade product line in the category.

These blocks are costlier than the traditional red clay bricks, but builders are committed to delivering lasting value to their customers by using ‘upmarket products’ without any second thought.

The AAC blocks give a ‘robust build’ and a ‘comfortable living experience’ for the decades to come.


So, now we hope you know why builders in India prefer AAC blocks for construction purposes. AAC block is the key ingredient that makes construction fast, facilitates cost savings, and provides a maintenance-free robust build. Also, the lightweight AAC blocks help builders to construct buildings rapidly and efficiently.

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