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History of AAC

AAC stands for Autoclaved Aerated Concrete. This ultra light-weight concrete has many unique advantages to offer for construction industry. The history of AAC starts way back in the year 1923. Till then, AAC has brought in revolutionary changes in the construction industry and serves as one of the best construction industry materials.

History of AAC
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Why Magna AAC ?

Magna, right from day one, is focusing on delivering high quality construction materials to our customers. In this direction, Magna has explored and identified AAC block is the right material due to its twin advantages, viz. feature-rich safe material and cost-effective in the longer run.

Magna leaves no stone unturned to produce outstanding AAC blocks, which increases building quality significantly and at the same time brings down costs at the construction site considerably.

  • Unique features such as light-weight, fire-resistant, sound-resistant, etc.
  • Cutting-edge technology equipment and knowledgeable technical experts.
  • 1,75,000 sq. ft. vast area to produce, store and deliver high quality AAC blocks.
  • Consistent quality assurance systems, mechanism and technical know-how to ensure required density, size, quantity to fulfill customers’ unique needs.
  • Rich experience in accomplishing many key construction projects wherein AAC blocks are the main construction material.

Advantages of AAC Blocks

AAC blocks main ingredients comprise sand, water, cement, quicklime and gypsum. AAC Blocks is a unique and perfect type of construction material due to its super heat, fire as well as sound resistance. AAC blocks are lightweight and come with significant workability, durability and flexibility.

Some of the Key Features and Benefits of AAC Blocks :

  • + Swift Construction

    • AAC blocks are quite easy to handle, manipulate and basic tools could be easily utilized to cut and align AAC. Coming up with larger sizes as well as fewer joints, AAC blocks enable swift and efficient construction work. It is easy to deploy and requires less number of blocks, resulting in less masonry work. Overall, AAC blocks speeds up the entire construction activity.
  • + Considerably Lightweight

    • AAC blocks are considerably light in weight. The cellular structure comprises huge number of tiny air cells, which ensures that AAC blocks are very light weight structures. In fact, AAC blocks are even lighter than water.
  • + Better Compressive Strength

    • AAC blocks have a compressive strength averaging between 3.0 and 4.5 N/mm³, which is much better than many other weight blocks. Moreover, AAC blocks are over 20 percent stronger compared to other blocks of similar density.
  • + Ideal Size and Shape

    • AAC Blocks involves smart manufacturing process, which facilitate consistent as well as constant dimensions. Construction-ready AAC blocks have a uniform base. This helps in cost effective application of laying the blocks on systems with varying finish. The need for plastering can be eliminated for internal walls by utilising AAC blocks.
  • + Durable

    • The supreme strength of AAC blocks enables higher stability to the structure. The usage of non-biodegradable materials to manufacture AAC blocks removes issues such as rotting, mould formation, etc., interiors remain clean as well as durable.
  • + Cost Effective

    • The weight of an AAC block is nearly 80 percent less in comparison with traditional red brick. This helps in bringing down deadweight considerably. Moreover usage of steel and cement will also come down, resulting in considerable cost savings.
  • + Fire Resistant

    • AAC blocks ensure fire resistance varying from 1 hour to 6 hours, depending upon the manufacturing process. Where fire safety is vital, AAC blocks are the ideal choice.
  • + Pest Resistant

    • AAC blocks comprise inorganic materials in its constitution facilitating effective avoidance of termites, impairments or losses.
  • + Sound Proof

    • AAC blocks feature a porous structure, which ensures better sound absorption comparing to conventional blocks. Construction of walls in auditorium, hotels, clinics, educational institutions, hospitals, studios, etc., demand significant sound-proof property. AAC blocks are ideal choice in these scenarios.
  • + Earthquake Resistant

    • Earthquakes could damage a building more when the weight of the building is high. AAC blocks are light-weight and ensure a sturdy building structure. Due to this buildings constructed utilising AAC blocks are safer as well as reliable.
  • + Water Penetration Resistance

    • One of the key properties of AAC blocks is their cellular as well as non-continuous micro structure. Because of this, AAC blocks possess considerable water penetration resistance compared to conventional clay bricks.
  • + Moisture Resistance

    • AAC blocks have a porous structure, which is fortified with ‘macro’ pores. This results in considerably less water absorption. Moisture will result in considerable damage to walls and buildings. Using AAC blocks helps to avoid issues associated with moisture formation.
  • + Non-toxic

    • AAC blocks do not contain any polluting or toxic gas matter. Moreover, AAC blocks prevent pests and insects considerably.
  • + Thermal Insulation

    • AAC blocks possess high thermal insulating quality. AAC blocks have a unique thermal conductive capability enabling warm inner temperature during winter time and cool inner temperature during the summer season. This in turn enables significant cost savings in air conditioning load and better energy utilisation.
  • + Eco-friendly

    • AAC blocks are non-polluting, non-toxic materials, which do not pollute land, air and water. The manufacturing process also does not result in toxic or polluting by products or waste items. Any waste material generated during the manufacturing process of AAC blocks will be recycled and used again in producing AAC blocks. Hence there is ideally no waste generated. The energy consumption during manufacturing process is also considerably less compared to conventional block manufacturing process.
AAC Blocks

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