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Magna has a successful journey in manufacturing and delivering grade-one construction materials to our customers. Magna products deliver greater operational efficiency and make the building more durable. We offer world-class building materials and tailor-made solutions to construct residential, commercial and industrial buildings satisfying the customer's demands.

We offer end-to-end building materials such as AAC Block, Adhesive Joint Mortar, Ready Plaster and Wall Putty to ease the activities involved in material sourcing and procurement.

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Magna AAC Blocks


Swift and efficient

Swift and efficient installation reducing labor cost considerably

Experienced experts and quality tools

Experienced experts and quality tools for better installation

Effective installation

Effective installation to put your project on the fast track

Careful step by step installation process

Careful step by step installation process


Magna AAC blocks are four times lighter than concrete blocks and close to three times lighter than conventional bricks. Thereby reducing our customer's expense on transportation of blocks. We ensure our products help our clients and customer to earn more ROI by efficient cost-cutting in the best possible ways.

We manufacture green building materials enabling pollution-free construction project completion. Our customers significantly save more capital by transporting the blocks 3x times the other conventional bricks due to their lightweight properties.

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AAC Blocks



Environment-friendly transportation process

Faster Transportation

Faster and efficient transportation to the construction site

xperienced professionals

Experienced professionals with better know-how about the transportation activity

Easy transportation

Our vast facility helps in manufacturing and assembling our products for easy transportation

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