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AAC Blocks

A lightweight, high-insulating, durable building product

AAC Bricks Suppliers
Ready Plaster

Mix of high quality polymer additives and binders

Ready Mix Plaster Manufacturers in India
Wall Putty

Polymer modified white cement based wall putty

Wall Putty Suppliers
AAC Joint Mortar

Semi-mix high quality mortar used for joining and bonding of AAC Blocks

AAC Block Jointing Concrete

Why use Magna AAC Blocks

AAC blocks are certified green building materials & the favourite building materials of the construction industry.

Cost Saving

Fire & Acoustics Resistant

Time Saving

Earthquake Resistant

Uniform in Size

Less Breakage

Pest Resistant

Enhances the Carpet Area


Magna has a vast facility
spreading over 1,75,000 sq. ft.
area to produce topnotch
construction industry products.


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