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Wall Putty

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Polymer modified white cement based wall putty.

White Cement Wall Putty Manufacturers

Wall Putty

Magna is one of the best Wall Putty Manufacturers in the domestic market, with a large customer base. We manufacture cement-based wall putty at high-quality standards. The wall cement plays a major role in deciding the shelf life of the paint painted on the building structure. It acts as a primer coat that holds the paint. The lifespan of paint is increased when applied to the structures of wall putty.

This building material is generally coated after plastering work is done. Magna Green Building Materials, the Wall Putty Manufacturers, manufacture putty for walls constructed with different bricks and plaster compounds. Wall putty is preferred as the first coating on the building as they are highly resistant to moisture and water content.

They act as a protective barrier of the building and structures from environmental factors. The small pinholes are commonly observed on the concrete plaster due to the presence of small stones. The loose materials on the wall works are removed, and these voids are filled with wall putty. Wall Putty from Magna Green Building Materials, the Wall Putty Manufacturer, is ranked as the top-performing wall putty in the segment; the cement-based putty is manufactured with technical properties that fulfill the customer's demanding requirements.

When the building is directly painted, the uneven laying of plaster makes the cracks visible to the human eye. The coating of white cement significantly eliminates the chances of cracks when the structure is painted. As one of the leading Wall Putty Manufacturers, Magna Wall Putty suits interior and exterior walls.


  • Saves time
    Saves time
  • Excellent bonding
    Excellent bonding
  • Faster and better
    Faster and better
  • Economical

Technical Specifications

Bulk Density 1.2 – 1.6 Kg/litre unit
Compressive Strength 7 - 9 Mpa
Flexural Strength Min 1.8 Mpa in 28 days
Water Retentivity Min 95% (EN 1015-8)
Colour White

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